September 12, 2010

t-t-t-t-touch me! I wanna feel dirty

...and sticky! is a sneaky peek of a future class I will be running at Scraploot (2011)...if it has you intrigued then you best be keeping yours eyes open for "Eclectic Remnants"
...and speaking of classes at Scraploot, next week is flooded canvases, so for more details call Sue and the girls.


Karen.C said...


Binxcat1 said...

intrigued??? Hell yeah! ;) Wish I didn't live so far away!

Sueann said...

It is gorgeous and you definitely have my ears perked up!!

Megan B said...

Rocky Horror Show is soooooooooooooo one of my favouritest movies of all time. When I was younger(in my teens) we would go to the midnight show, which they did at least 3 times a year at the pictures at the Entertainment Centre (it was called the Lumiere, wasn't it?) and everyone would get dressed up and do all the actions, like running down to the screen and swinging their arms so it looked as if they were making the picture spin, and taking newspaper to rattle when they ran through the rain and rice to throw after the wedding. Oh man they were good times! Think I might have to get the old video player out... Anyhoo, did you ove my side track!!