September 12, 2010

more than metal

I shared some sneak peeks a little while back of my August DT submission for Scraptivate and now I can share the two totally...the DT pack I recieved was one of the most exciting I have ever had, it had a beautiful brass plate, chain, brass inchies and some other goodies. Of course I just had to use chemical etching on the brass and I got a chance to put my Dremmel through quite a workout. The rubber wheel was brilliant for polishing the pieces.
As well as etching I used paint, patina, rust, varnish and my butane torch to get the look I wanted. The necklace is totally adaptable and can be worn as a necklace, choker or bracelet just by clipping the crab claw clasps to certain points along the chain.
I did a lot of free hand work on the larger hanging plate...even the flower is done by hand.
I love metal and etching and this project was truly a blast for me.


mimja said...

I am completely charmed by charms and yours are spectacular. What a lilt you bring to the day.

E Makes Art said...

WOW!!! Beautiful! I wish I could see this in person. The details and layers on this metal! How do you do that? wonderful!