September 22, 2010

Scrap tents required

some times we just have to leap in to the unknown and take chances and shake hands with strangers...I have been doing this for a long while and there have been no regrets, this month in itself has been very full on...but at the end of the day it has all turned out for the best. A friend has been posting about a camp she and another lady are running next month and for no known reason I said I would like to go...I think I suprised myself. As far as I know I am only going to know one person there...and they are all scrappers and card makers...will I be out of place? who knows? maybe...but what does it matter? I guess I really am living up to my belief of taking a chance and just winging it.
So early next month I will be driving by myself to the Central Coast to attend the Scrap Escape.
And no I won't just sit there and twiddle my thumbs...I'll be sharing my fave techniques with all those who want to get their hands dirty. Are you going?


Sueann said...

Good for you...have a great time!!

Shazz said...

i wish I could go...have a ball Linda.