September 22, 2010


ok stupid title but I was trying to think up something funny...failed eh? oh well.
Here's another sneaky peek at a future class at Scraploot...gee what could they be?...unique and interesting..will your creation become an heirloom?
Call Scraploot for class details


Dawnie said...

love ya balls miss Linda...look cool and you have me wondering what you have done to get the funky effect

Lorri said...

I think they are gorgeous and definately ballsy...... :))


Lorri said...

Gorgeous Lindy Loo - love them!
I think they are very 'ballsy' too :)

Deborah March said...

OH MY GOODNESS...FABULOUS!!! I can't travel to your classes, more's the pity, would LOVE to, but the commute from Nova Scotia is just too long. Sure hope you might post instructions on these sometime! Just GORGEOUS!

Dandelion Dreams said...

I absolutely adore the combination of texture on this in addition to the color. Playing with it on the inside and out just makes it so much more luscious!

With today being Mabon, I would like to give you a special thank you. I always find your work inspiring, though I know I barely comment and usually take on weeks worth of posts in one visit.

Your art dolls was inspiration for one of the articles I created for an Autumn Equinox Exchange that I entered. I'm not sure if I made it in exactly the same ways you do yours but I know you will definitely see the inspiration there. Here's a link to the post at the bottom of this. I gave you credit and well... again, thank you. You really don't know how inspiring you have been for me in shucking off some creative restraints I've allowed placed on myself and trying to refind the me in my creativity.

Brightest blessings,


Sueann said...

Love the ornaments!! Fabulous!!