September 01, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Quite often I am asked if there are things in my art stash that I just can't do without...not sure about that but I do have some favorite things, and I thought I would share with you what they no paticular order...

  1. Scrapware chipboard
  2. Dimensional Magic
  3. Helmar white glue
  4. Weldbond PVA
  5. Aileen's Tacky Glue
  6. 2Bead or Not 2Bead jewellery tools...and beads of course
  7. gold medium bullet Pentel paint marker
  8. super gold Pentel paint pen (0.5)
  9. gold fine tip Zig Painty pen
  10. black fine tip Zig Painty pen 
  11. white Sharpie poster-paint marker
  12. Atelier red gold interactive artists' acrylic paint
  13. Bostik all purpose clear silicone
  14. German glass glitter
  15. German Scrap
  16. Fusible Film/Fantasy Film (including Angelina Fibers and Crystalina)
  17. mini travel iron
  18. Dremmel (Stylus and corded models)
  19. butane torch...I have several and can't choose just one because they are all great
  20. surgical tweezers
  21. gilding wax/Rub 'n' Buff in all colours
  22. Kindy Glitz & Ice Stickles
  23. latex makeup sponges
  24. gauze
  25. Magical Micas
  26. Starburst Stains
  27. Moonglow Mists
  28. two speed heat gun
  29. mini cordless hot glue gun
  30. paint dabbers...great for refilling with your fave. paint
  31. gesso (Matisse Derivan)
  32. gel medium (Matisse Derivan)
  33. impasto (Matisse Derivan)
  34. Kaiser paints
  35. sea sponge
  36. Green Tara paper flowers
  37. Kaiser gems and pearls
  38. needlepoint tweezers
  39. Etchant solution
  40. gold leaf sheets
  41. blue Zig glue pens
  42. Diggers casting and pouring resin
  43. small wooden handle palette knife
  44. polymer clay
  45. Cropadile
  46. nail heads
  47. acrylic ATCs
  48. awl...I have about a dozen including those chicken lacers from the super market
  49. paintbrushes...some I have had for more than 20 years
  50. Jet Black Stazon ink pad....I own 7 in various states of fray
so there ya go, a little list of some of my fave things...what is on your list?


Jilly Geraghty-Groves said...

That's it.....I'm moving in!!!

Scrapware said...

Me thinks I need to spoil you a bit more to move up from No.38!

Linda B said...

lmao...there ya go

Peggy Parker said...

Perhaps I should print this as a "wish list" for myself......

Sueann said...

I want to go shopping at your store!! Love all the items on your list!!

Glenda said...

ohhhh I agree what a a wish list. I already have marked down white sharpie poster paint marker and more Scrapware LOL hey Angie see ya soon