September 05, 2010

bag blooms

Wendy Ward asked me if I could do something with some old shopping bags to give her an idea...I hope this helps.
1. layer two or more bags on top of one another and cut the tops and bottoms off.
2. cut the layered bag pile into squares (or as close as you can).
3. twist centre of one of the mini square piles.
4. using a soldering iron drag through the layers of plastic...please remember that there will be fumes so consider your health and safety and work in a well ventillated area with suitable safety mask.
5. paint the can even use a permanent marker.
6. poke a flower stem (I have used a Green Tara product) through as the center piece.
if your bag bloom isn't fluffy/thick enough just bunch up another square and poke the stem through before wrapping the wire around the opening to secure it.
These would be cool on the magnets on the fridge or stitched onto a funky bag.


Sarah said...

Your very clever Linda.

Shazz said...

very cool Linda and a good use of those pesky bags that we all seem to accumulate in our pantries

Peggy Parker said...

Amazingly beautiful - one would never know it was a plastic bag!

Jaqi said...

very inspirational......