July 29, 2008


I am a blue lover, I love every shade and tint of it....but isn't this colour just...yes I have to say it....DEVINE!!!!!

...can you see just a hint of blue?


Anonymous said...

Oh Yes, Yes, Yes, its brilliant and yes I can just see a hint of blue. I adore how you make your background sheets and backgrounds generally.

The way you mix and layer the paint then emboss gives such a rich depth to it - rather than just one or two colours.

Fandabbydozy - it reminds me of rich velvet from medieval times

Coley said...

This colour is amazing and yes I can see the blue! Everytime I visit your bnlog it is full of lovely goodness. Especially like the little LED's Karen x

Melanie said...

fabulous lush colour really beautiful

Jen Crossley said...

This looks amazing gorgeous colours

Zuzu's Blog said...

its luscious.. (and i see the hint of blue) what colour is it then??

I love berry colours and autumn colours so I need to know lol

Maureen said...

Gorgeous! Love those rich red/purple tones, but I also see a teensy bit of blue!