September 15, 2012


ok I have some more catching up to do let me see if I can remember it all...I seem to have finally recovered from pnenumonia, my teen had a melt down with the school he was attending when we first moved home...he is settled in the right school now. I finished the complete set of Zodiac sketches, I bought a scooter and am currently having weekly lessons. I was treated like a star at a craft show in August...I was doing demos...I love shows and demos! The week after the show I was flown to Melbourne to demo at a retreat, and I taught a workshop at A Scrappe Angels Heaven with my lovely friend Cindy Porter. On my return I got into teaching hard and fast through my new little group here in Western Australia..."Grubby Little Artists". I have also be snaggled by Smudge & Sparkle in Ellenbrook as their resident mixed media teacher. Soooooo there ya a nutshell I have been pretty busy but always loving it.


Unknown said...

Sounds like you didn't waste any time since getting back 'home' to find lots of places to work. You sound so very happy which is wonderful

Joanne Huffman said...

It sounds like moving back was a very good thing.