September 16, 2012

Scooter Girl

Since moving back to Western Australia I have grown and changed...I have decided that I can't live my life if I allow negative people to have any impact on my life. I am a good person and I deserve the respect I have always shown others. Anyhoo since my way of living has changed I have seen a brighter world...and so...I bought a scooter. I am having weekly lessons and I love it! I love zipping around, I love the feeling of not having to share this one thing with anybody. I smile when I ride because I can completely and utterly forget the negative as I ride into the positive future that I have earned.


Lottie said...

Well done you - you just can't beat that sense of 'freedom' can you. Free to go where you want, when you want - and to find a bit of your 'own space' - even if it is just to sit and ponder the world.

Great news.

I am taking my first steps into learning how to play the keyboard

Monica said...

As we get older we are freed from the need to prove who and what we are. once we recognize this we can and do what we want. Currently setting up and iPad and swearing a lot. i should be proficient in it by the time they bring out a new model.

shirley said...

BEEP! BEEP! You go girl! Looking good.

Julie Short said...

Good on you Linda on many levels too. The bike this scare the bedongles out of me but that's because I had two wild brothers who were both riders and racers of big powerful bikes, so when they crashed it was with spectacular injuries.
Have fun with your scooter and long may you continue to smile.

Joanne Huffman said...

This looks like great fun.