September 30, 2012

bee there a scooter rider

Well I passed my rider test and am now a legal longer do I have to wear the fluro learners jacket and be escorted by somebody conversing about road rules via a two way headset. Now I can zoom around where and when I want. Most days as I mention a quick trip around the block, my 8 year old son quickly grabs his helmet and bolts out the door to ride with me. Today's ride was nothing out of the norm apart from one route change that saw us doing 70ks instead of our usual 40 or 50. We were scooting along quite happily when I discovered the double impact of being struck full force in the neck by an angry bee...first is the fright it gives you as you are not 100% sure what it was that actually hit you...and of course they refuse to gracefully just fly away to a wonderous life of making honey and pollenating they have to crawl on your neck and as you try and brush them away they opt to tear their guts out of their arses by stinging you in the neck with their hyperdermic bum spears! Lucky for me I am only allergic to shellfish and if I ever see those buggers flying around...I will hand my license over.

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