January 05, 2012

Turning the canvas around...and then back again

Green 12x12 canvas

Rainbow 12x12 canvas

Teal 12x12 canvas (Sold)

Red 12x12 canvas (Sold)

I loved playing with these canvases not only for what I was creating but the fact that I was actually using the front of the canvas...except 'Red' as she was a requested piece. I plan to create more of these because I loved playing with the detail...it really is hard to know when to stop though on each piece as they really come to life with every addition in colour and texture. I still prefer the style of the one eye...beauty is not perfection and perfection is not beauty.


Shairon said...

These are fabulous canvases. Love them all!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning work..thank you for sharing it.....Julia Karratha