January 22, 2011

the missing link

actually there are no missing links but I couldn't think of a quirky title...
I have been playing with chain and links for years (believe it or not), and I even went and did a two day workshop...and I have been surfing the net looking for inspiration for different link styles...and I came across some brilliant online stores that sell jump rings to use in CHAINMAILLE!!!! sorry, I got excited!
The pink bracelet is my first attempt at the Helm style and of course my man just had to have something for himself, so his is made from steel jump rings that I made by hand.


Regina said...

Love these...unique and just well awesome!!

Sueann said...

Fabulous!! Love the pink one...pink is my color!!

Rosie said...

I love these bracelets and your little mojo book is just the thing!! I feel the same about wearable art and can't remember the last time I wore a bog standard pieces of jewellery that I hadn't made myself!
I sometimes use fishing swivels with bracelets to add a bit of an urban look, but |I am not very good with details and tools (don't have the right gear, is my excuse for lack of patience!!) I shall send you some the next time we exchange stuff!!!