December 04, 2008

mosaic swap

I'm taking a break from studying Greek philosophy and art to post my mosaic pieces for you all to see. I made 30 in all but only 22 are being re homed lol sooo I will have to come up with some snazzy ATCs I think.
Each piece is 3cm x 4.5cm.

I painted mat board with a mix of warm toned acrylic paint, copper, orange, etc.
Gold embossed a funky floral before smearing with gel medium and applying fusible film...heat it up (of course)
Swipe a little heavy gel medium and use an awl or palette knife to create some swirls, if you are impatient like me use your heat gun till touch dry and gild lightly with rub n buff.
Of course I kept playing by squiggling some crackle accents over the area and heating again to get some bubbles and blisters.
The edges are inked black to frame the tile


Lady Di said...

These mosaic pieces are incredible ... the colours underneath are so vibrant and I feel like I can just touch the texture ... really really fantastic.

Barb said...

Looking forward to seeing these in hand...lovely as they look here, your work is always stunning in hand!

Anonymous said...

You excel at these. So glad you have some time to play in between you Uni work

Lorraine said...

very interesting effects that you have achieved on these mosaics..thanks for an inspirational blog

Diane said...

OMG...These are absolutely STUNNING!