December 21, 2008


well with uni we are focused on black and white, so I am getting in as much colour play when I'm on a break as I possibly can.
I had a sample board I had done a few months ago, it used resist stamping and starburst stains, today I was playing with the new Kaiser silk flowers and Prima Pebbles that we just got in at FTN and I thought I would make use of the sample board, well after I stuck the altered flowers on the board looked a bit bright, so I got out a pot of TH crackle paint and painted it on roughly...I looooove that it soaked up some of the colour as it dried and cracked, it is definitely worth a play...a word of advice though, I do recommend sealing the crackle as it can be quite fragile, personally I use gel medium...I bet you knew I was going to say that :)


Shonz said...

Now I know what you were talking about regarding the Pebbles!


Anonymous said...

So inspiring

Anonymous said...

Linda, I've been noosing around here for quite a while: I have to say: I LOVE your blog. Your art is inspiring. Love the way you use texture and shine (sorry for my bad English) in your art! And you make so many diffrent things! Your beetles are gorgeous!!!! Loved to visit! Wish you a very happy and creative 2009!

Jaqi said...

What yummy colours, well done I am always amazed at the way you get your colours to blend so well, love it, Jaqi