December 18, 2008

12 days of Xmas hangy-thing swap

This is my 5 gold rings contribution to an exclusive swap running on Zuzu's Petals and Buds. The first pic. shows the base of my work using resist stamping and Starburst Stains, the gold rings are genuine gold leaf behind a super cool, hula hooping vintage gal...check out her dress!...a big thanks to Barb for helping me hunt down the perfect what a fun night that was!


Hazel said...


Susan Sager Brown said...

Love these hangy things!! Technique and colors are luscious!
love what you do.
Best Holiday to you,

Susan Sager Brown said...

Love the Hangy Things! color and texture are quite luscious. I have been an admirer of your work for quite some time. Added your link to my blog roll.
Best Holiday Season to you,

Barb said...

Cool "hangy thingy" petal....I think I had a dress just like that back when.....and by of 'em would go good now ...would hide the thunder thighs...LOL