June 23, 2008

Brigitte's brilliant idea :)

Brigitte Grant is compiling a personal collection of her fave artist blogs and I was lucky enough to be invited to submit to her brilliant idea, it was hard trying to list those who inspire me and it seriously would have taken over the whole page, so I have opted for those who have really shaken the art tree and made people go "how the heck did you do that?"....people....women!!!, Women who are not afraid to try different things and who are more than happy to share their work and their ideas....yup my list could use sooooo many more names but I could only select a few to fit my work, this is in no way saying that those listed aren't as good...there are dozens and dozens that leave my art looking like kindy scrawl but my name is there because I need to take pride in my efforts.
So after all my rambling I just want to say to every artist who has ever been...YOU INSPIRE ME :)

*quick note...yes I used canvas paper to print the images...I sooooo love my new printer HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-One


Melanie said...

Thankyou for putting me on there,you inspire me more! you're a fab teacher [even if you do push me to the limit and beyond lol!],i'm honoured and gob smacked so thankyou linda!

Zuzu's Blog said...

Gorgeous.. loads of detail for my eyes to wander over.. and congratulations for being picked .. it seems only right as you are an amazing and inspirational artist. you have brought texture to my work :-) thank you x

Kari said...

Great job!! Wow on all of the detail!! Love the swirls!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD !!! Linda !!! this is absolutely...aweeeeeeeesome !! and ....huh ??? lucky enough to be invited to do this ?? are u kidding me ?? I AM LUCKY ENOUGH to have your pages done just for me !! it is an honour to have you in my book Linda !!!
THANK YOUUUUU so very much !!! can't wait to get it !!!
MWOUAHHHH FROM the Blue Mountains :)

Anonymous said...

Whoopee - another show stopper! You have been so busy creating - thanks for sharing it with us all. You have to be the top Texture Queen in all the world

You are so generous with your techniques and an inspiration to us all.

For that we thank you.

Anonymous said...

In SPIR ing!

Angie C said...

What a lot of detail you have put in and it's lovely :-)

Anonymous said...

i got it !! i got it !!!
oh myyyyyyyy !! this is absolutely beauuuudiful Linda !! thank youuuuuuuuuu so very much for this !! it even looks better irl !!!
i've very touched !! actually...i was going to ask how you did the left page (textured with gold) but i think.... i'm going to read better your previous post...i think you might have put it there ??

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Linda - I am wayyy behind with my blog reading and just read this post. What a lovely thrill - thank you so much! And believe me it is a two way street - you are incredibly inspirational! PS Your coaster (and everything else too) looks fantastic - such beautiful texture and colour!

Maureen said...

Really wonderful! Love everything that's going on, but it's not too busy!