February 20, 2012

Colour appreciation...orange

I have learned to really appreciate colour by looking at where and how it fits in to my life...the collage you see here is just a small sample of the orange things in my life...

  • there are orange bricks in the yard, they don't match the house colour at all, so I refer to them as mystery bricks...bricks represent foundation and stability, so they are a good omen!
  • My furbaby "Tilly" is my favorite orange thing!
  •  I love rust.
  • Tilly's favorite toy is a bright orange cat that crickles when she bites it
  • we have orange tidy bags full of old clothes to be donated to charity before we move
  • I have so many plastic tubs full of stuff that won't fit in this house...most have orange labels
  • the tap fittings are orange
  • the balm tree seeds/fruit is orange
  • I love butter chicken and it's orange colour is appetising
  • I am a Cottee's kid, we drank so much orange cordial as kids
  • I love copper wire
  • orange bunny from JD's first Easter will go to a new home before we move back to Perth in June
  • JD grows cacti and the orange one is so cool and interesting
there are so many orange things around...do you have a lot of orange in your life?


Unknown said...

What a great idea - you really open my eyes to all manner of things and the way to look at things - thanks Linda

cookievf said...

hi linda!
so glad to see your link on fb today... i LOVE your blog and thought it was great that you provide links to your YT vids! Looking fwd to checking them out.
- vicki xo

Monica said...

Love orange,
So bight and cheerful.