October 17, 2011

Pretty Little Posies in my hair and a Christmas Star

JD holds the multi layered posie to show the size...he didn't mind doing that as long as people couldn't see his face...because "...only girls hold flowers..."

torn and tattered soft tulle adds a touch of feminine whimsy to the project

I love over-sized hair accessories and the posy is easily placed in to my pony tail...methinks it would be divine in an up-do

with Christmas looming and the shops displaying decorations I thought this year I would create my own tree topper

it's all about glitz and bling right?!

The Posy:

Christmas Star:


Unknown said...

What stunning work - I love the posie in your hair and your Christmas topper is the biz

Sueann said...

Love the glitz and bling!! They are beautiful!