October 14, 2011

catching up and a card

I thought I'd share a pic of a class I'll be running next year...it's a card!
I know I have been pretty quiet of late but I am still unpacking from the move...I have so much stuff that I just can't find a place for, it is so frustrating to go from renting a large house to renting a small house. I don't have a studio any more, so it's back to the kitchen table for me and my crafty stash is in just about every room in the house...yup even the kids rooms have crates of my stuff. I am working on a few projects too! I finally had a play with my new Brother ns50 sewing machine yesterday while working on my apron for the international swap I am hosting through Facebook. I am really excited about 2012 because I have been asked to teach in New Zealand! I have a few friends over there and I really hope I will get to catch up with them.


Jo-Ann Dziubek-MacDonald said...

This pic is absolutely gorgeous! Would love to attend, but it's a little out of the way for me :-) Sounds like you have been super busy!

Martina said...

REALLY breathtaking!!!!!!!

Barbara DeLisle said...

this is so pretty

Home of the Fairy Smasher said...

So sorry you lost your studio space. Love the card and hope your class is a blast!
Big Squishy Hugs!!!