December 10, 2009

getting into xmas

I have to admit, since moving from Perth to Sydney 5 years ago, I have lost more and more of the xmas spirit each year, I know it's because I miss my family, my mum used to make a really big fuss about xmas and although I thought it was a bit over the I don't have it, so I miss it terribly.
Anyhoo, I am doing my best by creating, and this year I decided to make tags instead of cards. The other things I enjoy making are my own flowers and I just had to do something with the chemically etched pieces of brass I have here.


Linda M. Cain said...

Wonderful things! Love them!

Linda C

Paper Paradise said...

It must be so different for you. I would miss the hustle and bustle of my family so much at Christmas. Keep up the creating though, you are so talented and people out here love seeing your work! x

Sueann said...

Am loving your pieces!! Love the brass!!! I would miss that kind of Christmas too. My family all lives so far away...I too miss the big family Christmas. I do have my son nearby and his five kids. So we make our own big Christmas celebration. LOL!! And I am the one making a big fuss nowadays!

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

What you did with the brass piece is fabulous! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I've never attempted anything with metals but you make me wish I could!

Julie H said...

You might not be feeling christmassy, but your art sure is. Just stutting!