February 19, 2009

proud of...me

I keep forgetting to post that I got 90% for my second essay for uni, I was so shocked I emailed my tutor to tell her she gave me somebody else's results! lol

I have just over a week left for my first two units (22 to go), so if I go quiet for a while it simply means that I am busy with the 3rd and final essay and my portfolio for submission...fingers crossed it goes well...I'll be happy with a 50% pass mark on either of those...although more is definitely better lol

and a big thanks for those who emailed to find out how I went with my allergist appointment...for those who don't know...I had a 3rd anaphalactic (sp?) attack late last year and it was the worst ever...they kept me in hospital over night and I was in and out of consciousness...they said I nearly died!!! scary! But here I am still.
anyhoo...I now have to carry an epipen and antihistamines with me everywhere I go and I am totally banned from any and all seafood...heartbreaking! I love fish and chips and all the other yummies...but it's better to be safe than sorry...oh yeah and no more Asian cuisine or pizza just in case a little bit of prawn finds its' way into my mouth.


Sam Marshall said...

Congratulations and OMG!!!

Shonz said...

If you ever need any help with your assignments, just let me know - more than happy to help. My adult ed masters need to come in handy for something!

Anonymous said...

Heyyy beaudiful Linda !!
OH my goshhh had no ideas you had those reactions :( so glad to hear you're okay!!
(my son is allergic to Peanuts but so far, i kept it away from him but it's pretty scary stuff, i can imagine!!
Welcome back LInda and hope you do well for your exams !! (wowww what a girl !! so brave to get back into books :)

Jaqi said...

Congratulations on your results, I knew you would do well, Hope you had a big celebration, Jaqi