February 10, 2009

all in the name of art

I am so glad that my landlord is fine with me "exercising my artisic self", besides..the pantry door was way too drab lol

One of the current assignments I'm working on for uni has me painting a surface in my enviroment to "create a new tension", I think I've captured it well...what exactly?...now see everybody has their own interpretation of things, I think of "calmness beyond the norm"...see what you feel...and feel what you see :)


Hazel said...

This is really stunning, I love the stripes. What an interesting project (but do you have to have your tutors to tea to get marked lol?!)

Carol Plume said...

the dimention created with those stripes is stunning Linda - love the entire look - fancy coming and doing me a wall??

Hope you're ok xx

Jaqi said...

Stunning, when can you come to my house and do some doors for me? Do you have to take photographs for the tutors? How does it all work, with marking etc? This is fab, Jaqi