April 21, 2011

Big Girls Bloomers

original colour

final colour

I love designing products...it's so cool seeing my sketches and doodles turn into something that is sold/used all over the world...I still smile when I see my designs in stores and I wonder what they become once they are purchased by consumers.
Anyhoo...I love flowers and my work with them is always pretty well accepted, so I decided to take the good ol' chipboard designs that I made for Words Or Whatever and I suggested an "upsize"...going from 2.5" to a huge 5"
...and what to do with them? use your imagination...the possibilities are endless!
and of course all my colour is owed to the use of Lindy's Stamp Gang products


Sharon said...

They are not just huge, they are amazing Linda!

http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

Wow! I love what you designed too!

CreativSpirit said...

These are gorgeous "Bloomers" Linda. Wish I had known that they were ready to be sold last Saturday, I would have got some from you.

Big hugs,