March 04, 2011

transforming me...a little tweak here and a little tweak there...totally pain free

original, untouched image...natural lighting, no flash, macro setting.

adjusted fill light settings via editing program

adjust shadows and highlight settings

add 25% glow

black and white setting from adjusted image

sepia setting from adjusted image

revert to original image and increase colour satuation

add glow to colour satuated image

decrease satuation

layered black and white setting

layered sepia setting

I like to take photos of myself because it's fun to tweak them. I use Picasa to edit.

2 comments: said...

Because it's you altering is totally guilt free. Your results are interesting.

Jenni Hodge said...

I love the decreased saturation, your lips are the most gorgeous kissable lips I've seen!!! Xxxx