September 06, 2007

some ATCs

here are some ATCs for a couple of swaps I am in, the boy with the wings is for the Target Artist on my Yahoo group, the girl with the butterfly wings is for an arty challenge (use stockings in your art), and the lady with the german scrap wings is for a monthly image swap challenge


Sharon (glitterangel) said...

All three are fabulous!

K said...

wonderful ATCs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda !! as usual...such aweeeesome work !! love them all !!

Unknown said...

I just don't know how you keep coming up with such treasures - the are such wonderful works of art - I would frame any of yours I got in a swap and put them on my wall

Just brilliant

Julie said...

Oh for goodness sake girl will you stop it.
I am getting so jealous,
wish I had time to do stuff like this.
Love you Julie akaPopcorn)xo

Heather Robinson said...

Anyone would be truly honoured to receive a nametag from you! Your work is so utterly gorgeous!