June 10, 2007

things to do instead of housework

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it was too cold to go outside and I couldn't be bothered doing housework, so while the kiddies ran around and played I decided to alter my torso on the stand...I love it but think it is still not quite finished...any ideas are welcome :)


sheilabythebeach said...

Happy to have found your blog; what fascinating work! I look forward to checking in to see what's new. Looks addicting to me!

x said...

Wow, amazing torso, just love it. ;) is this all embossing?

Jen said...

Lindy Loo, amazing as usual, I dont blame you for playing instead of house work! I have been playing with JVO's new stuff... very nice. Been doing samples so more scrappy than arty, but when I get to play for myself I will share !!!

Luv Jen xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous - you asked what might be needed to finish it off.

Well I am a beginner in all of this arty crafty stuff - so don't take my word for it!

I think it needs something between the neckline and the chest. Perhaps if you used it for a necklace stand - then the necklaces or one would finish if off nicely

It is to be a piece of art as it is, then a strong focal point might be needed in the upper body, and the lovely fairy is beautiful but the wooden knob at the top is more dominant - so perhaps a ribbon tied around that - or an embellishment or something draped around between the neck and the chest space.

But I think it is stunning - and only offered my opinion cos you asked lol

Totally gorgeous


anne said...

Another lovely torso. Lovely and Rich!!!!

Gillian said...

WOWZERS Linda....
You set the bench mark!
this is UNREAL, my dear... completely STUNNING!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's fantatic, much more better than housework ;-)