April 18, 2007

New Art dolls

I know I am just soooo hooked on fusible film and everything got it this session :)
The art dolls are for a swap, I had to make 9 and they had to be decorated both sides, the little reddish notebook is for a 1 on 1 swap through the same group, and the large blue dragonfly notebook and altered paper mache tin was made for Jenny Burns in Western Australia for her Birthday :)


Gillian said...

WOW!!!...Linda you never cease to amaze!..
I am just in awe of your amazing ART!

Mistra Hoolahan said...

Hi Linda... long time no see, chat etc.

I've stumbled on your blog via Jenny, via Cath... saw a Linda B and wondered and here you are!

Linda your work is amazing... you've really found your niche haven't you!! Such gorgeous designs, colours patterns... a veritable smorgaasbord for the eyes!!

Hope you're well...

Jen said...

They are MINE..... I am soooooo lucky, Thanks again Honey Pie xxx Jen xxx