March 27, 2007

my day off

well I was told to slow down by my shrink...I did try but it's so hard not to get crafty when I have all my supplies all over the kitchen table :)

I did go out for a while to visit a friend but as soon as I got home I got busy again...not a great deal of stuff...just two cards...the one that isn't pictured here was a special request from my Mum in-law, it is for a gentleman who has just been told he is going to die...he has cancer and there is nothing that can be done for him. The card was simple and will be given to the Dr who diagnosed him because she will give him the card...I don't know if I'm making much sense, I'm still a little emotional, I sat for about an hour trying to think of what to do, I don't know the man, but it still made me feel....gosh I don't even know how or what to say.

My question it pathetic to give a card to somebody who's life is about to end? I usually sign my work but I didn't this time, I didn't want him to see my name on the back and hate me for trying to take his mind off of his disease

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Gillian said...

It's not pathetic at all, I think it's a special gift you have to know when someone is hurting, and they might benifit from your thoughts!.. never stop yourself from doing this. :o)